The Bitcoin Minesweeper

The more Greens you find on the 5x5 grid, The more you win and
higher your multiplier. Try not to hit any mines OR
Your game will End!

Bitcoin Only

Transactions are fast, simple, secure and anynomous.

Fast Deposits
Instant Withdrawals.

Deposit takes only 1 confirmation. Withdrawals are Instant.

Provably fair

Mines positions are chosen before the game and can be verified after the game ends.

Better Odds & Strategic

Live Mines has better odds than any other minesweeper games. You can develop your on-board strategies to keep winning.

Top 3 Players Total
Player Name Amount Bet CashOut Total Winnings
shield124 1,003,999 2,005,841 1,001,842
satoshi123 1,001,299 1,304,715 303,416
armyman172 86,530 201,549 115,019