We use uBits as base unit for our all transactions. 1 bit = Ƀ0.000001 and 1 BTC = 1,000,000 bits. Maximum Bet Amount is 1,000,000 Bits. Minimum Bet Amount is 30 Bits.

  • What is LiveMines ?

Live Mines is a 5 x 5 Grid tiles game which contains Bitcoins as well as dangerous mines. Your Aim as a player is to click/uncover as many tiles with Bitcoin Bits you can find. However, while playing if you encounter any dangerous tile which contains mine instead of Bitcoin bits, your game will end and you will loose your bet amount.

You can choose from 1x | 3x | 5x | 24x Mines for your games, The Bitcoin rewards keeps on increasing number of mines and increasing number of tiles you open.

Here's an example game :

demo game

In the above game, user opened last and second last row 4-4 tiles respectively and cashed out. After cashing out real location of mine is/are displayed.

  • How are mines location choosen ?

Mine/s location is picked in random and in advance when you create a game. Mine/s Location is based on random_int generator function which picks the mine location from tile 1 - 25 in random.

  • How is it fairly provable game ? How do I know my game isn't altered ?

When a game is created Mines location and a truely unique string generated by our functions are joined together as a 'secret' and encrypted/hashed in SHA-256 and is displayed to you when a game is created. After the game ends, that secret string with mine number is displayed. You can encrypt/hash the secret with SHA-256 Algorithm or Encryptors online to get same SHA-256 Hash which is shown to you when a game was created. We believe in proven fairable game and are strictly against any unfair practices.

You can write to us at : [email protected] for any complaints/suggestions.

  • Some points to remember :

NEVER share your unique game URL with any other person! This may lead to withdrawal of your funds. We have put strict measures to control unauthorised usage but you should keep this URL unique and treat it as your password.

You can use any Web Wallets, Hardware Wallets, Ledger Wallet to deposit the funds. Minimum Withdrawal is 1000Bits currently. There is no minimum Deposit. However, There is minimum bet of 30 Bits.

Withdrawals are Instantly processed. Withdrawals are processed only after your deposit balance have been fully confirmed upto 3 Network confirmations. In any case you have any query or require assistance please write to the admin : [email protected]